1.   (a) Billiards

      Member: First hour at $4/hr (per pax)
                   : Second hour at $3/hr (per pax)

      Guest: First hour at $5/hr (per pax)
                : Second hour at $4/hr (per pax)

      (b) Pool

      Member: $3/hr (per pax)

      Guest: $5/hr (per pax)


2.   Club Night (Monday) From 7:00pm to 11:00pm

       Member: $1/night (per pax)

       Guest: $2/night (per pax)

Advance Booking Fee*

      Monday to Friday:
      3:00pm to 11:00pm at $5/hr per table

      Weekends/Public Holidays:
      $6/hr per table (per member)

      *Maximum Booking of 2 hours


4.   Cancellation

      The booking will still be charged in the event of any cancellation. In the event of “no-show”, a penalty of $20 will be charged.


5.   Rental of Lockers

       Rental of lockers: $2/month

       Refundable Deposit: $10/locker

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